There is always a next step to take.
A new level to reach.

Meet your peers, find role-models, expand your network

As a member of Women in Tech Sweden are invited to our events and meetups. We meet digitally or in person, depending on the topic and what type of event is in scope, to explore how to prepare for and take the next step in your tech career.

We're here to support women in tech to stay in the industry and prove that there's always a next step to take, a new move to make, or another level to reach, whether you want to remain at the position you're already in, sharpening your skills even further - or if you've started grazing around for new opportunities.

Make sure to be signed up as a member to get our newsletters with invitations to our events and meetups. They tend to become fully booked. It's free of charge being a member and to participate in the events, thanks to the massive support from our smart partners.