FAQ WITsthlm2020

Important info and frequently asked questions regarding the March 6 conference. THE EVENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER UPDATED.

1Terms regarding the Coronavirus disease / COVID-19 situation
Women in Tech Sweden is closely monitoring the situation regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We have come to the conclusion to take the following actions and precautions regarding the conference.
If you or anyone of our participants, including speakers, volunteers, journalists and staff have been in the regions/countries that are classified as risk areas within the incubation period of 14 days before March 6, we urge you to cancel your ticket and follow the event from the live stream.

Countries and regions considered as risk.
- China
- Hong Kong
- Iran
- South Korea
- Italy: the regions Aostadalen, Piemonte, Ligurien, Lombardiet, Emilia-Romagna, Trento-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Toscana
The list is continuously updated, the latest change was made on March 3.

PLEASE NOTE that the general risk level for Sweden is classed as "moderate" by The Public Health Agency of Sweden. Updated on March 2.

Our absolute intention is to carry on and go through with the event.

We encourage you to become familiar with the World Health Organization’s suggested safety precautions, which include:

Wash hands often with soap and warm water, before eating, before preparing food, and after toilet use. Alcohol-based hand rub can be an alternative when you are unable to wash hands.
Cough and sneeze into the bend of your elbow or into a tissue to prevent infection from spreading around you, or from contaminating your hands.
A general preventive measure against any respiratory infection is to avoid touching your face and eyes and to avoid close contact with sick people. Please respect people who prefer not to shake hands.

The security team of Women in Tech is monitoring the reports, both from WHO and Swedish authorities and in the unwanted and unlikely case that the situation gets worse and the authorities advise us to not hold the event, we will of course comply.

Sources to follow:
The Public Health Agency of Sweden

WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports (daily reports)
2How can I cancel my ticket?
To cancel your ticket, use your personal link (the same as you used to register) to change your status to “Not attending”. If you are not able to attend, please cancel your ticket as soon as possible, but no later than the March 3, so that we can ensure that the spot is allocated to one of the members on our waiting list. Thank you!
3Is there a fee for not showing up? UPDATED
Yes. You will be charged a no-show fee of 300 SEK if your are registered but don't attend. This fee can be avoided by cancelling your ticket NO LATER THAN 6 PM ON March 5. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket through your personal link (the same as you used to register) and change your status to “Not attending”. If needed, cancel as soon as possible so that the spot is allocated to one of the members on our waiting list.
4Will there be a live stream from the conference?
Yes! You can follow the conference all day on March 6! Everything from the main stage will be covered, and in the breaks you'll get to meet even more brilliant minds from our storytelling stage. The link will be found on our start page.
5Will you serve lunch at the conference?
Yes, a light lunch will be served, vegetarian wraps are on the menu. We will also provide coffee throughout the day, and a small vegan fika in the afternoon. But breakfast won’t be included, due to budget (we’re a non-profit). Please add any allergy information in your attendee info in the field “Anything else we need to know?”. There will be a snack-bar where you can shop from a small selection of snacks during the day. (This is provided by the congress center and not by Women in Tech.)
6I haven’t received the confirmation e-mail regarding the registration
First, check your trash/spam inbox! Use the personal link to check if you’ve gotten a ticket. When entering the registration website with your personal link, a message saying “THIS INVITE IS ALREADY USED, Show ticket” will be displayed if you got a ticket. Click the message to see your personal QR code ticket. If you still can’t find it, tell us your email address so that we can check if you’re registered. You can reach us at info@womenintech.se
7Is there any point to be on the waiting list?
Yes! After all, the event is in March and there will be people cancelling their tickets. If you are interested in attending the conference please sign up for the waiting list as any cancellation will release new spots. Use your personal link for the booking site to register on the list. If you are assigned a ticket you will get a confirmation email with the ticket.