Rana el Kaliouby

Co-founder, CEO Affectiva

A pioneer in Emotion AI, Rana el Kaliouby, Ph.D., is Co-Founder and CEO of Affectiva, and author of the newly released book Girl Decoded: A Scientist’s Quest to Reclaim Our Humanity by Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Technology. A passionate advocate for humanizing technology, ethics in AI and diversity, Rana has been recognized on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list and as one of Forbes' Top 50 Women in Tech. Rana is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a Young Presidents' Organization member, and co-hosted a PBS NOVA series on AI. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and a Post Doctorate from MIT.  

Gitanjali Rao

Innovator and TIME Kid of the Year 2020

Gitanjali Rao was recognized as America's Top Young Scientist and received an EPA Presidential award for inventing her device "Tethys"—an early lead detection tool. Gitanjali is also the inventor of “Epione”—a device for early diagnosis of prescription opioid addiction using genetic engineering, and "Kindly"—an anti-cyberbullying service using AI and Natural Language processing. She was honored as Forbes “30 Under 30 in Science” in 2019 and TIME’s “Top Young Innovator” and "Kid of the Year" for her innovations and STEM workshops she conducts globally, which has inspired over thirty-eight thousand students in the last two years across four continents.  

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Author + Travel Photographer | Keynote + TEDx Speaker

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning visual storyteller, author, and entrepreneur. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, Forbes, Huffington Post, and many more. As a storyteller, Lola was the 2018 Bill Muster Travel Photographer of the Year award. Her book, Due North, received the Lowell Thomas Gold Award for Best Travel Book. As a business owner and entrepreneur, she runs Stockholm-based travel consultancy, Geotraveler Media, co-founded the travel influencer marketing collective, NordicTB, and recently co-founded, Local Purse, which supports travel guides and local artisans through live video shopping.  

Nora Bavey

General Partner at Unconventional Ventures I CEO & Founder UniTech

General Partner at Unconventional Ventures, investing in impact tech startups in the pre-seed/seed stage founded by underrepresented founders targeting global market opportunities. An award winning serial entrepreneur that as an immigrant in Sweden made it her mission to improve the possibilities for underrepresented groups to access technology, entrepreneurship and capital. Founder Unitech, an EdTech & digital community of underrepresented founders and aspiring founders, with a mission to accelerate inclusion in the tech industry. . Amongst; Awarded 2018’s "Digital Inspirer of The Year”, Sweden’s 101 Super Talents 2019 and Nordic Women in Tech Awards Role model 2020.  

Tanya Singh

Tech Girl of the Year 2020 | Social Entrepreneur | Computer Science Student

Tanya Singh is a computer science student advocating for a more inclusive and equal tech-industry. She was named Tech Girl of the year 2020 by Microsoft and has during that year been an ambassador with the goal of democratizing tech for all.  

Eleonora Svanberg

Physics & Mathematics student, Founder of Girls in STEM

Eleonora is a Mathematics and Physics student advocating for more women in STEM trough her social media platforms. At 17 years old she founded the non-profit organisation Girls in STEM which aims to raise young girls’ interest in scientific fields by actively working against gender stereotypes. Eleonora is passionate about academic research, education and gender equality.  

Linnea Suomenniemi

Process Engineer AOI at Qualcomm and board member at Swedish Federation of Young Scientists

Linnea has an educational background in Engineering Nanoscience and is currently working as a process engineer in 5G chip manufacturing in Munich. She has a passion for science and technology and has spent the majority of her free-time the last 8 years working for the Swedish Federation of Young Scientists, an organisation that aims to increase the interest in science among youths. Her ambition is to increase the awareness of the tech industry and inspire young people of all different backgrounds and gender to pursue a career in science and technology.  

Kawsar Ibrahim

Computer science student, works with youth and minority inclusion/representation

Kawsar is a computer science student that has a passion for equality and equity for minorities. She uses her voice to advocate for marginalised groups through her work, education and social media. Her passion led her to working with youth in her community. She has experience working with youth inclusion and representation in public spaces. Also more recently vocational training for empowering young girls, women and non binary people.  

Katrine Marçal

Author of 'Mother of Invention'| Keynote speaker on women and innovation| Journalist

Katrine Marçal is an award-winning author, journalist and keynote speaker. Her first book “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner” has been translated into more than 20 languages. Katrine works for Dagens Nyheter, the largest broadsheet newspaper in Sweden and she was one of only a handful of European journalists to get an exclusive interview with Michelle Obama before the publication of the Former First Lady’s memoir Becoming in 2018. Her book “Mother of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored In An Economy Build For Men” became a bestseller in Sweden in 2020 and will be published in English by William Collins in 2021.  


Kathrin Lemler

Educational Scientist

Strangers might call me “severely disabled” or “considerably restricted in all areas of life“. Friends and colleagues describe me as being a lively chatterbox or an ambitious workaholic. I describe myself as an educational scientist, a master’s student, a research associate at the University of Cologne, a speaker on alternative and augmentative communication, a supervisor of seven assistants and finally, a woman who communicates exclusively through her eyes. Ever since my teenage years, it was crystal clear to me that my calling lies in alternative and augmentative communication. I want to fuse my own experience with expertise to raise public awareness about alternative communication and thereby empower others.  

Karin Madsen

Data Analyst, ICA Sweden

Karin is driven by the exchange between the business expertise and data. Nothing beats the feeling of challenging and enchanting current perceptions within any area through data and analysis. With five year of experience within working close to the business as a data analysis in the food and beverages industry she has experienced o lot of these moments and are hoping for many more.  

Anna Baecklund

Head of Data Science, ICA Sweden

Anna is a data scientist leader seeking to drive impact and build a world class team at ICA. She works to bring the best practices to machine learning research and production. She is also responsible for leading innovation using data science, driving the education of AI across the company. Anna is interested in growing analytical talent while creating an inclusive environment and believes in leading by learning.  

Emma Lindström

Director Logistics ICA Sweden


Christina Knight

Executive Creative Director The Amazing Society/Styrelseledamot UN Women Sverige

Christina Knight, Creative Director, has been in the advertising industry since 1986. She is the one within the ad industry who has consistently addressed the lack of gender equality, inclusion and diversity, as well as the consequences of this imbalance, when it comes to agency cultures as well as the nature of advertising itself. She was a board member and chairwoman of Fredrika Bremer Förbundet 2014-2020 and The International Alliance of Women and since 2019, she is a board member of UN Women Sweden, specifically involved with UN Women's initiative HeForShe.  

Frida Almgren

Communications expert and co-founder Comms Workout

Frida Almgren has been working within communications for over 15 years and is passionate about great stories and the positioning of brands. Since three years she is running her own business as a communications expert supporting both international brands and start-ups with strategic communications. Together with her partner Sabina Schött she founded Comms Workout, offering engaging media and message trainings to management teams and leaders helping them become excellent spokespersons and brand ambassadors. Frida has previously been working as Head of Communications at Mastercard Nordics and Batics and as PR consultant at an international PR-agency in Stockholm and London.  

Marika Auramo

Managing Director Nordic and Baltic region, SAP

Marika Auramo is the Managing Director of Nordic and Baltic region at global enterprise software company SAP. In this role since January 2019, she is responsible for the entire SAP  business in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, and manages a  team of 800 people. As Managing Director she is accelerating SAP’s transformation from ERP  vendor to end-to-end business solution provider for the data-driven digital economy.     Ms. Auramo has more than 25 years of progressive experience as a leader in the global IT-industry.  Before joining SAP in early 1999, she worked in both sales and solution expert roles at two Finnish start-up companies. She was  named one of Finland’s most influential women by Finnish business publication Talouselämä in  May 2019.   

Sofi Håkanson

Head of Financial Services, Sweden at Accenture

With her 25+ years at global consulting & tech firms, Sofi is an experienced leader with in-depth knowledge of conditions, challenges and opportunities at the intersection of business and IT in the financial services industry. She strongly believes in the power of collaboration and has a passion for driving and strengthening cooperation with colleagues and clients to enable successful change, leveraging new technology. She is furthermore committed to Accenture´s Inclusion & Diversity work and the Getting to Equal research – Accenture´s yearly report about creating a culture that drives innovation.   

Fia Bengtsson

Consulting Manager & Nordic Social Innovator Lead, Accenture

Fia Bengtsson is a Manager at Accenture specialized at Financial Services and Banking. She has previous experience in consulting Sweden’s main banks on complex program delivery within Regulatory reporting, GDPR and Open Banking. She has also focused a lot on other engagement such as starting a Mental Wellbeing program and been a part of the Accenture female network. She is currently working in the role as Nordic Social Innovator Lead to leverage the skills, passion and innovation capacity of Accenture employees across the Nordics in shaping great ideas on how to build a better sustainable tomorrow - together with clients, start-ups and civil society organizations.  

Carla Nykopp

Digital Transformation Consultant, Accenture

With a background in design, communication and film Carla works with production and project management at Accenture Interactive in Sweden. Her ambition is to find a creative solution in every challenging situation while ensuring flexibility and efficiency in all her projects. Carla is a firm believer in the power of co-creation, where multi-stakeholder engagement is what she sees as the key to transformation.  

Lovisa Bergman

Management Consultant, Accenture

Leading the mission-driven business unit Accenture Development Partnerships program in Sweden, Lovisa works with bringing Accenture's innovation capabilities to partners in international development. She is supporting NGOs, multilateral organizations and public actors with access to sustainable finance and the transition to reach a carbon neutral economy. She truly believes in the power of the private sector to catalyst the UN SDGs.  

Elisabeth Åkerblom

Cloud Transformation & Architecture Analyst, Accenture

Elisabeth is a young IT professional working with cloud services at Accenture since 2018. She has worked across multiple industries including industrial technique, retail and media. Two areas which are close to her heart and that she builds her specialization within are Agile management and Cloud services - especially Microsoft Azure. Currently she is leading a project where they build a Chat Bot built on Microsoft Bot framework. Elisabeth hopes that she will be able to inspire other women to also pursue a career within tech.  

Elin Allison

Head of New Product & Strategy, Data Insights, Telia Division X

Elin has +15 years of international experience across Telecom and IT software sectors working for multinationals such as Microsoft, Hutchison Whampoa before joining Telia Company in 2015. She has a background in product management, business development and incubation sales for retail, IoT and public sector. Today Elin heads up Telia’s Division X New Products portfolio team for data insights products and is a regular speaker at industry events.  

Maria Ekberg Brännström

CEO of Sara Kulturhus

Maria Ekberg Brännström is the CEO of Sara Kulturhus – Skellefteå’s transformative cultural house offering an inclusive place for creativity and innovation. She is currently collaborating with Accenture to develop an AR based tool to make the cultural house even more futuristic! Maria is a brave and engaged person making things happen. She most recently came from IKEA where she has worked with expansion and development to new markets during the last 25 years. 

Petter Bohman

Senior Manager, Accenture Applied Intelligence

Petter is the lead for the Swedish Accenture Applied Intelligence team, and with almost 14 years of consulting experience, he has helped clients in the area of business strategy, customer analytics, customer loyalty, data monetization, predictive modeling, customer segmentation, and data driven storytelling. He has a background in data analytics and data science, with experience within the field of Machine Learning, Data Mining, and different Artificial Intelligence implementations. He is specialized within Data Visualization, focusing on effective and insightful visualizations, enabling business decisions. Lately, he has worked extensively with Geospatial analysis, trying to expose insights from complex, multilayered geospatial data  

Andjela Kusmuk

Senior Manager, Deal Engine Lead, EQT Group

Andjela Kusmuk is an ex-founder with 10 years of experience in tech and games. She currently works as Deal Engine Lead at EQT, a domain working to empower investment professionals through technology and AI. Her past experiences include leading startup engagements in EMEA for Amazon Web Services, building the business development initiative for game tech, managing developer projects at Netlight and establishing IGN in the Nordics. She holds several leadership awards and champions building an inclusive culture to empower diversity in tech. 

Mina Boström Nakićenović

Chief Technology Officer @ Paradox Interactive | International Speaker

Mina Boström Nakićenović is the Chief Technology Officer at Paradox Interactive. Mina has created unique perspectives stemming from her 20+ years of experience on how software architecture, strategy and leadership intersect and how to leverage them for innovation and competitive advantage. Mina is a big promoter of Blue Ocean Strategy, a business strategy which she successfully applies both in business and in her swimming competitions. Mina holds a PhLic in Computer Science. She was rewarded 3rd best software engineer in Sweden (2016) by IDG TechWorld and recognised as one of 100 female thought-leaders worldwide by Lean in Agile (2019).