Women In Tech draws attention to companies that recruit women in tech between September 2018-March 2019

For the next six months, until Women In Tech 2019, WIT wants to celebrate companies that employ women in tech through the initiative "WIT hired!". If you hire or get hired between September 2018 and March 2019, please register your employment here at WIThired!

It will just take a second! Click the button to the right, fill in the information and the recruitment will pop up on this website immediately. On March 8 2019, WIT will report how many women have been registered during these six months.

(PS. Any recruitments outside the time period will be removed from the site)

Thank you for joining and contributing to a technology industry with more diversity!
CompanyWebsiteJob TitleDate of Hire
CompanyWebsiteJob TitleDate of Hire
SEB seb.se/ Manager September 5, 2011
www.inera.se/ IT-specialist October 1, 2016
Edge HR Tech support January 1, 2013
Brunswick Real Estate Www.brunswickrealestate.com Founding Partner April 1, 2002
Teamengine Head of customer success August 20, 2015
Scharc IT project manager August 22, 1970
Bonnier Konverteringsspecialist September 1, 2018
HTTP://Inceptive.se QA Professinal August 10, 2018
Kodkollektivet President October 22, 2018
www.linkedin.com/in/zahyra-romero-jim%C3%A9nez-11823a25/ Design director July 2, 2018
Avega Group Scrum Master March 26, 2018
CEVT cevt.se/ UX Project Coordinator November 1, 2018
Boeing Service Manager September 4, 2018
Sweco sweco.se Planeringsingenjör October 1, 2018